Fate Series Saber Bride 1/8 Scale Figure

Fate Series Saber Bride 1/8 Scale Figure


  • $139.95

Following on from their popular Saber Lily statue, Alphamax have turned their attention to Saber Bride, as she's come to be known.

Since making an appearance in the Fate/Extra CCC game, Saber (Nero) in her wedding dress has certainly become a popular addition to the Fate franchise.

Some people might say it's a little risque‚ for a bridal gown, but it's her day after all, and there's no denying she looks smokin' hot - even the hem of her dress seems a little singed? Oh, and she's brought her sword too! Just as well, we don't want any unpleasantness ruining her big day.

Make sure to celebrate the happy occasion by adding this excellently sculpted figure to your collection before it's too late!

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