Atelier Sophie Plachta 1/7 Scale Figure

Atelier Sophie Plachta 1/7 Scale Figure


  • $250.95

From Alter comes this 1/7 scale figure of Plachta in her doll form as seen in the the Japanese RPG Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. She’s sculpted kneeling on the floor as she holds a stack of books with one hand and hands off one book with the other for an alchemy recipe to be written inside. The paintwork looks perfect, from her shiny silver-lavender hair and sparkly green eyes to her gem-tipped metallic tail. Then there’s the sculpting which is detailed even down to the ridges and tabs of the books. The soft curves of her doll form also look gorgeous from every angle. Why not display her on a book case or pile of small books? Measures 5.1".

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