Kancolle Shigure Kai Ni Parfom

Kancolle Shigure Kai Ni Parfom


  • $54.95

"Admiral, we should sortie soon."

Phat! Company teamed up with the garage kit dealer 'RyunRyunTei' Toona Kanshi to codevelop a new generation of action figures known as the Parfom series! The next figure to join the series is the second Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer, Shigure Kai Ni from the popular game 'Kantai Collection -KanColle-'!

The ship parts on her back can be transformed and held in her hands for a shooting pose, and shooting effect parts are also included for an even more powerful appearance! Be sure to display her with her previously released sister ship - Parfom Yuudachi Kai Ni!

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