Ninja Kitty 8" Plush Doll

Ninja Kitty 8" Plush Doll

Tentacle Kitty

  • $24.95

Ninja Kitty is the world’s WORST ninja!

Even worse are his sewing skills which is why his ninja suit has no sleeves for his arms or legs. It is easy to imagine how difficult pulling off the various ninja moves in his “How to be a Ninja Manual” without the free use of your arms and legs.

When Ninja Kitty discovers Tentacle Kitty, he thinks she is the prettiest thing he has ever seen. He tries to admire her secretly from the shadows… until he falls out of the tree on top of her.

Gender: Male
Birthday: November 20th
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite pastime: Stalking Tentacle Kitty

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