Tentacle Kitty (Pink) 8" Plush Doll

Tentacle Kitty (Pink) 8" Plush Doll

Tentacle Kitty

  • $29.95

“Never Judge A Kitty By Its Tentacles”

Tentacle Kitty and her friends are proof that no matter what preconceptions you may have of the world around you, or even yourself, the truth will most certainly surprise you.

Tentacle Kitty, or “Pink One” as she was called in her tribe, is a kitty from another dimension, that happens to have tentacles. After a series of unfortunate events she is trapped on Earth trying to find a way home. Armed with 10 tentacles, an adventurous spirit, and new friends, what could go wrong?

Gender: Female
Birthday: Dec 14th
Favorite food: Cotton Candy Mice
Favorite pastime: Hugging

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